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The Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston is an educational non-profit organization devoted to the study and practice of Spiritism as defined by Allan Kardec.
We believe in man’s spiritual progress through inner transformation in successive reincarnations. Spiritism is based on the relationship between the material and spiritual worlds, and from its the books we learn how love can help us overcome our limitations to, ultimately, reach our final destination: enlightenment.

Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston

About Us

The Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston was created in February 10th of 2012, as a non-profit organization, having the basic objectives of study, exercise and practice charity activities according to the Spiritist Doctrine as codified by Allan Kardec.

What is Spiritism?

Spiritism came to bring a new light on Christians’ thoughts and to bring hope to humanity. The doctrine organized by Allan Kardec in the nineteenth century, from the teachings of superior minds, teaches us that the state of suffering experienced in the planet Earth is only transitory.

Who was Allan Kardec?

Allan Kardec was the codifier of Spiritism. With the teachings he received from higher spirits through various mediums, he wrote five books that would become the basis of the Spiritist Doctrine.


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Allan Kardec

Love one another - that is the 1st teaching. Educate yourselves - that is the 2nd

Gospel According to Spiritism