Public Meetings

Wednesday at 7:30pm

  • The 1st/3rd Wednesday of each month are conducted in English.
  • The 2nd/4th Wednesday of each month are conducted in Brazilian Portuguese.

Study of the two main books of Spiritism: The Spirits’ Book and The Gospel According to Spiritism, following a sequence.

Prayers and Passes (*) at the end. Open to anyone who is interested in getting to know and studying Spiritism.

Transfer of spiritual energy given by a non-contact laying on of hands. Another resource to those who seek spiritual balance that requires the person to continue working on his/her inner transformation.
–This meeting is for adults only – for kids’ activities please see information below about Youth Spiritist Education.
–No Passes will be conducted on days of special events and discussions (book and film).
–If you are planning to visit for the first time, please send us a note or call for more information.

Book Club

We believe that everything starts with study.
We read together and discuss a book or part of a book related to Spiritism. The purpose of our book club is to promote the study and learning through reading.

Spiritism Study

Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston offers different levels of studies on Spiritism to study more deeply the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine. New registration opportunities are open from time to time, check our schedule and subscribe to our weekly email for more information. Registration information and schedule will be on our site and social media, as they become available. Email us for more information.

Youth Spiritist Education

Every Sunday 10:30am to 12pm
The youth curriculum integrates the Spiritist Doctrine teachings into practical lessons that can be brought into their everyday lives. The activities include book reading, lectures, games, movies, current events and other useful applications that support this doctrine. We offer two classes for ages 5 to 9 and 10 and older.

Fraternal Meeting

Available for those who feel would benefit from a private chat in a delicate moment.
By Appointment only.

KSSH Volunteer group

We provide volunteer services to the community as a group. Make a difference! Check our volunteer opportunities.

Visit our new location: 12288 Westheimer Rd #380, Houston, Tx 77077 USA

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